Gluten Free Guide to Austin

Whether you suffer from celiac, food allergies or just enjoy following celebrity diet trends, gluten free is becoming more and more prevalent in America’s food culture.

Although many restaurants now offer gluten-free options, it can be difficult to find a good selection of gluten-free foods in any given restaurant. Here’s a few Austin restaurants that offer a wide array of gluten-free options.

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  1. Hecho en Mexico

This locally-owned authentic south American restaurant boasts a 98% gluten free menu that features traditional recipes and great Mexican food! From enchiladas to tacos, Hecho en Mexico is a safe bet for anyone gluten-free.

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  1. Via313 Pizza

This food truck-turned restaurant has been serving delicious, deep dish gluten free pizza alternatives for several years and they never stop improving their recipes! Baked with house-made, deep-dish crusts using quality locally sourced flours and ingredients, the baked cheese crusted Detroit style slices from Via313 are sure to make your top list of pizzas, gluten free or otherwise.

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  1. FireBowl Café

Many Asian noodle dishes and sauces contain gluten and FireBowl Café gives gluten free consumers the ability to order their favorite noodle dishes with easy label gluten free rice noodles and gluten free sauces.

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  1. Galaxy Café

The diner-esque Galaxy Cafe has a gluten free menu with sandwiches, wraps, burgers, breakfast and more for those gluten free dieters who are in the mood for anything and everything!

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  1. Kerbey Lane Café

This 24 hour iconic Austin diner offers a plethora of gluten free options, from delicious seasonal pancakes to gluten free sandwiches, soups and more. Kerbey Lane Café is the perfect gluten free dining spot for any time of day or night.

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