6 Ways to Wear Your Denim

Denim is a timeless textile that never goes out of style. From daisy dukes to jeggings, this multi-functional fabric has withstood decades of passing trends and proven itself as a staple in every wardrobe. Dyed, dark-washed, distressed, denim is obviously here to stay. Here are some great ways to dress up or change up your denim routine:

Photo courtesy of trendbridged.com
Photo courtesy of fabfashionfix.com

Denim and Leather

These two textiles can be worn together in several ways to elevate and add edge to your denim outfit. Leather on top and denim on bottom makes a 90’s throwback chic look that can easily be taken from day to night (try a leather jacket over a graphic T and black leather motoboots. Or leather on top and denim on bottom is a cool way to elevate your denim look with a modern edge. Wear with a pair of black strappy sandals for a sexy street look.

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Photo courtesy of streetstyle.allwomenstalk.com

Denim on Denim

This look is a little tricky, because you don’t want to end up channeling 1970’s Burt Reynolds, but the trick to pulling it off is picking two different color denims and the right kind of jeans (skinny, boot cut, or high waist). A light denim shirt tucked into high-waisted flare jeans gives a chic, 60’s vibe. A denim shirt with boyfriend jeans and kitten heals makes a sophisticated street look. Or try dark skinny jeans, a light denim shirt and sneakers for a casual day look.

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Denim overalls

This look made a comeback a couple seasons ago and has since spawned several chic variations of the classic one-piece look. Wear long denim overalls with a cute crop-top and sneakers for a fun street look. Or for a more avant-guard look, try an oxford button up with distressed overalls and kitten heels. For short denim overalls, pair with cute booties and a striped form-fitting top. Bonus points for adding a wide-rimmed hat.

Photo courtesy of shape.com
Patches on denim trend
Photo courtesy of mysmallwardrobe.com


Denim jacket with patches

This look is a total 90’s throwback but is now being seen again thanks to models like Gigi Hadid. We’re even going back to putting personalized patches on our denim to represent our unique style. Wear your jean jacket/vest with shorts, over a dress, with leggings, with leather or tied around your waist. Put it on over an outfit of your choosing to instantly add edge and intrigue to your look.

Photo by allforfashiondesign.com
Photo courtesy of wheretoget.it.com

Denim shirt

In the colder months, break out your denim shirt and layer it over long blouses and leggings or leather pants. Top off the look with leather boots and an infinity scarf. Or wear your denim shirt over a striped blouse with some black jeans, flats and a hat. To make your denim shirt more flirty, wear it tucked into a pencil or mini skirt. For a cute weekend look, try a floral mini skirt with a denim shirt and white sneakers.

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Photo courtesy of arizonafoothills.com

Denim jeans

The original look, from ‘mom’ jeans to skinny jeans, that has been everyone’s go-to throughout the years. Wear distressed boyfriend jeans with sexy heels, and an oxford shirt + blazer for a classy day-to-night look. Or try high-waisted jeans with a crop top for a fun, casual outfit. Wear your skinny jeans with a vintage band tee and high-top kicks for a trendy street look. Wear your dyed jeans or your flared jeans, your short jeans, just about anywhere in any way you want!


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