Our Newest Workout Obsession : The Fitness Retreat

Forget the over-crowded gyms and stationary bikes, the newest fitness fad is an exotic group getaway that focuses on building lasting friendships, creating memorable experiences and promoting a healthy mind and body. See the world, take in new cultures and cuisine and exercise in some of the most beautiful places on earth with your new-found friends.

10314018_10152137926804576_2554839178351121978_nFitness concepts like Fit & Fly Girl and Fab Fit Travel are pioneers in the workout world who provide women with a positive group environment where they can be themselves, try new things and meet new people with the same goals. Co-founders Rebecca and Edwin of Fit & Fly Girl met abroad at a fitness and wellness retreat, and created a company based on their mutual passion for travel, adventure, health and fitness. And Fab Fit Travel, whose mantra is “invest in yourself“, offers like-minded women a relaxing getaway with some of the finer things in life while they enjoy healthy cuisine from personal chefs and get back to what’s important.

12010558_10153204328827476_7228168053780823848_oPractice becoming a yogi on the white sandy shores of Costa Rica and center your chi beside a pure blue ocean at Fit & Fly Girl. Or go zip-lining under a canopy of trees and horseback riding into the sunset. Then finish the day by pampering yourself in a luxury seaside villa while you learn how to eat healthy from professional nutritionists and trainers. Or stay at a gorgeous private villa in the French Riviera and tour the “City of Art” while you sip on cafe du lait and French art history.

IMG_1396Balance your mind and body in Buenos Aires, or taste the Hierbas Ibicencas in Ibiza. These unforgettable retreats include everything from excursions and outdoor classes to massages and gourmet meals. Try it all from snorkeling and cave diving to krav maga and coq au vin. You can even work with some of the best community service projects that benefit women, children and the environment while you exercise your mind and body.

VitoPoolNightWhat better way to experience the world than among a group of like-minded individuals at the most luxurious locales. Strengthen your body, relax your mind and feed your soul in gorgeous and exotic destinations. Step outside your comfort zone and realize your fitness goals while you sample the beauty and deliciousness of another world.


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