Director Aaron Burns Talks Horror at SXSW Film Festival

The SXSW After Dark Movie Festival is full of frightfully good films and talented filmmakers.  In Austin to promote his new psychological horror flick, director/actor Aaron Burns visits SXSW to talk about the inspiration behind the new character-driven horror.

IMG_4902.PNG Having closely worked with cult horror masterminds Eli Roth and Robert Rodriguez, Burns is no stranger to the horror genre, and is the visual effects genius behind such cult classics as Planet Terror, Grindhouse, and Eli Roth’s Green Inferno, which Burns cleverly labels a “Cuckhold Cannibal” film. When asked about his new film Madre, Burns says he’s hearing that it is a movie about women, but in fact it is a movie about relationships, clashing cultures, and people – mothers, in particular. Hence the name, Madre, meaning Mother in Spanish. Burns, an Austin native, is of mixed Venezuelan and African-American descent, so his multi-faceted background is undeniably reflected in his filmmaking.

IMG_4893The movie Madre focuses on a pregnant single Diana struggling to raise her autistic son, when chance introduces her to a mysterious but talented Filipino nanny, Luz. Separated by culture and language, Diana begins to sense a tense and even sinister divide growing between her and her son as he becomes closer to Luz and her dark ways. Madre premiers exclusively on Netflix April, 2017.

Watch an interview with director Aaron Burns at SXSW here.


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