The World’s First Weed Wine Comes to California!

You may have tried Chardonnay from France or Merlot from Tuscany, but have you ever tried wine with weed? If not, you’re not alone. Because, to our knowledge, this extraordinary amalgam has never been attempted before. Until now…from award winning Rebel Coast Winery in California comes the world’s first non-alcoholic marijuana-infused Sauvignon Blanc. Now there’s something worth toasting to!

This saucy concoction is redefining wine and reshaping how we view drinking. Is it a drink or is it a drug? A little of both maybe? In today’s fast evolving food and wine scene, keeping the edge can be difficult. Many wineries around the world have already taken to infusing their wines with exotic and interesting ingredients in order to amp up the attitude and flavor profile of each sip. But that wasn’t enough for CEO Chip Forsythe, who wanted to venture outside the box and create a wine that would appeal to the rebel in all of us. With adult recreational cannabis use on the rise in in west coast, the geniuses at Rebel Coast decided to take advantage of this toking trend. Using California’s two greatest commodities, wine and weed, Rebel Coast has developed a drinking experience unlike anything you’ve ever tried! And they’re super stoked to share it!

With the passing of Prop 64, marijuana will be legal in California for recreational adult use beginning January, 2018. However there’s a big but…absolutely no state is allowed to sell alcohol in the same place as they sell marijuana, and the two substances cannot be sold combined under any circumstances. So the wine masters at Rebel Coast found a clever workaround. They grow their cannabis in the same vineyard as the grapes, since both are grown and harvested in shockingly similar conditions. Normally, the grapes would go straight from the vineyard to the fermentation tank after being de-stemmed and pressed while the cannabis is dried and heated in ovens to activate the THC cannabinoids. But, since it is highly illegal to sell alcohol and weed together, Rebel Coast removes the alcohol from the wine after it’s been made, then adds the THC. So everything’s on the up and up, but it still feels and tastes so delectably wrong!

Imagine enjoying a drink or two without feeling groggy or dreading a merciless morning hangover. By removing the alcohol from the wine and infusing it with 16 milligrams of organic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) during the wine-making process, these clever connoisseurs have managed to manufacture the perfect high. Don’t get it twisted, you’re still going to get shwasty on this stuff, so don’t try anything stupid like drinking and driving just because there’s no alcohol. Each bottle of Rebel Coast’s cannabis wine is made the same as their other wines, with locally grown grapes from the hills of Sonoma county. Except they hold the alcohol and add a side of THC. No big deal.

It took meticulous measuring and experimenting before this revolutionary winery struck a perfect balance between cannabis and wine that wouldn’t compromise the integrity of either ingredient. And the result is a magnificent, perfectly aged wine with a delicious pallet and even more delicious after-effect. But what does this hashish filled drink taste like? For wine connoisseurs, all the important notes of a Sauvignon Blanc (except alcohol) are present: sharp and citrusy with a clean, light finish. The marijuana is virtually indistinguishable on the tongue, however the cannabis infusion incorporates essential fragrant oils called terpenes that give the wine a pleasant marijuana aroma with hints of lavender, lemongrass and citrus. For the weed aficionados, this wine smells like super fresh bud and provides a subtle but awesome sensation that goes great with any occasion! Although this drink is infused with marijuana, it doesn’t taste like it. Instead, the powerful pallet of the Sauvignon Blanc takes hold of the taste buds while the strong smell of cannabis captivates the nose. So it’s best to just take this wine as it is, sit back and enjoy the ride. In the very near future these psychotropic pot bottles are going to show up at dinner parties and house-warmings across the country as a unique and thoughtful pairing for a most unconventional dinner!

Rebel Coast’s controversial cannabis wine is taking California by storm early next year. Bottles can be pre-ordered today at $59.99 and are expected to ship in early 2018 to over 500 dispensaries in California and other states with recreational cannabis allowances by Green Reef Distributing. Later in 2018, Rebel Winery plans to release a line of weed infused roses and champagnes along with Cannabidiol-infused (CBD) wines with medicinal benefits but no “high”. This teetotaling pot winery is rapidly climbing the world traveler bucket list and is definitely worth a visit when you’re touring through the lush wine country of California. So grab a bottle, pour a glass and see what all the “buzz” is about.


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