Beam Authentic: The Bluetooth Wearable Button that’s Changing the Way We Advocate

Millennials and Gen Z’ers these days are all about individual expression and social media for social good. Millennials May get a lot to flack for our naivety, but it’s our passion and intrepidity that drives the progress of human globalization. Thanks to modern technology and social media, we are more connected now than we ever have been in the past. We can live Tweet our thoughts and broadcast our opinions to the entire world with the push of a button. And now, we can even wear our social media like fashion statement! That’s right. You know those totally retro custom buttons people used to rock on their denim jackets and backpacks? The ones that say things like “Rock the Vote” and “Save the Whales”. Well now, thanks to Beam Authentic’s smart Bluetooth wearable, you can program and wear your button to say whatever you want whenever from your smart phone.

These trendy wearables prove that everything in the world really is going digital, including fashion and advocacy! The modern applications of the Beam Authentic wearable are endless! Maybe you want to promote an important cause that’s near and dear to your heart. You can program your personal Beam Authentic app to be a powerful social outreach and advocacy tool, with a multitude of causes and issues to support and a built in donation button where you and your followers can donate directly. Or maybe you’re just stoked about a new album dropping! Whatever your mood is, you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve with this Bluetooth pin. For politicians, this smart wearable takes campaigning to a whole new level! Display a slideshow with the latest poll numbers and an animated gif that promotes your candidate. Hardcore Sports fans can wear their team colors or favorite team logo proudly on their shirt and use the Beam to show off their team spirit. It’s also ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs, artists and businesses who can promote their brand, upload their logo and get the word out by displaying it right on their flashy pin.

The Beam Authentic smartphone app works a lot like Instagram or Twitter. In fact, you can even link your social media accounts to your Beam and post instantly to Twitter, Insta or Facebook. You can also follow other “Beamers” and allow them to follow and comment on your Beam feed, which can be accessed in the app. The Beam Button has a super mega pixel screen with vibrant display that’s great for uploading personal pics or custom designs. You can create a slideshow to play on your Beam and manage it through the app. Or program a funny video or gif that’s sure to garner some attention!

For solo travelers, there’s a nifty panic button that can send a geolocator and emergency message out from your pin. Just push the panic button and your Location and a message is automatically sent to (up to) four contacts that you can program through the app. The Beam designers definitely had millennial globetrotters, young entrepreneurs and social activists in mind when they invented this genius little wearable. You can be as detailed or as simple as you want with your Beams, and with an infinite combination of colors, gifs, filters, stickers and other personal touches, you never have to wear the same button twice!


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