It All Began With One Long Yelp Review…

I moved to Austin in the spring of 2014 and instantly fell in love with the food, the culture, the art and the all-around good vibes. Driving down South Congress for the first time, I noticed the iconic “I Love You So Much” sign – however, I had no idea at the time that it was famous! I saw the simple but inexplicably beautiful graffiti on the modest exterior of Jo’s Coffee and I thought to myself, “What a unique city that would embrace something so weird yet wonderful”. 

It was then, among the tattooed vegans, aspiring musicians and sub-culture street artists I knew that I had found home.

When I experienced one of my first meals in Austin, it was at the Hyde Park Grill in south Austin, and I was so inspired by the food and the warm, welcoming experience that I immediately opened up my Yelp account and started reviewing the restaurant as I ate. But the harder I tried to describe my experience the more wordy and descriptive the review became, and it soon became clear that one simple review just wouldn’t do.

So began seemefeedmereadme, a lifestyle blog dedicated to exploring all the wonderful pockets of Austin that deserve more attention and recognition! As I began to expand my focus to local musicians, art galleries, restaurants, artisans, businesses, bars and supper clubs, the positive feedback and support was overwhelming! Soon I found myself with a Platinum Press Pass to SXSW, where I got to experience this fantastic festival for the first time and make once-in-a-lifetime memories.

That is why I have dedicated this blog to supporting all the diverse artists, culinary creators, entrepreneurs and quirky locals that help make Austin so great! From one-of-a-kind street performers and chefs to unique boutique hotels and art galleries, seemefeedmereadme is an intrepid adventure into one of the weirdest and most amazing cities in the world!

As my Italian step father always told me growing up: “Te devi provare tutto” – which means “You must try everything” …and I intend to! Bon Appetit!