Tips for the Fashionista on a Budget

Every time we turn around it seems there’s a new celebrity or viral internet trend that is dominating the street fashion around us, and it can be difficult for the non-celebrities of the world to keep up. Yes, clothing and shoe trends come and go with the seasons, and certain pieces go in and out of style quickly, but that doesn’t mean you need to empty your bank account every six months to make sure you’re always a la mode. Even the girl on a budget can dress her best and fiercest every day by following these simple style tips:

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Buy Separates, Not Dresses

Sure a dress makes you feel pretty and it’s super easy to just throw on and go about your day, but it can pretty much only be worn one way and only once every so often. Unless you just have to have that one adorable dress, you’re better off sticking to skirts, pants, and blouses that can be mixed and matched in nearly infinite ways. This way you can create multiple different outfits out of a few key separate pieces.

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When it comes to shoes, stick to the essentials

Shoes are many people’s weakness, but you must resist you inner urge to splurge on that killer patterned heel that catches your eye from across the store. Instead, spend your hard-earned money on a few less expensive pairs of sensible heels in neutral colors and textures. Some of the essentials you should have in your closet: Taupe heel, Creme heel, black leather heel, black flats, brown flats, grey heel, kitten heel, brown boots, grey boots and black boots. These essentials, if taken care of, last through several seasons and style changes and will go with just about everything in your wardrobe.

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Invest in a few great pieces of jewelry

Sometimes the difference between a good outfit and a great outfit is in the accessories. You don’t need to buy a million tops with different necklines to change your look, all you need is a great chunky necklace worn with the right outfit to refresh your wardrobe. Try a couple of bib necklaces in colors that pop and a few interesting statement rings and silver or gold accessories (watches, dainty necklaces, bangles) that can go with anything.

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Add layers to your dress to change the look and shape

Every girl should have a few basic dresses in her wardrobe for dates, job interviews, special occasions, etc. But adding accessories like a chunky necklace, patterned scarf or cute cardigan can completely transform your dress. Try tying a belt around your A-line dress to cinch the waist and change the dress shape then pair it with some cute booties. In the colder months, take your mini dress and pair it with a turtle neck and stockings for a London-chic vibe.

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Mix and match different colors and patterns in your wardrobe

You may have been sticking to the same formula when it comes to pairing your separates: don’t mix patterns, match your colors and always wear this blouse with this skirt. But to add a little change to your wardrobe and trick people into thinking you went shopping, try stepping out of your style comfort bubble and pairing a few unconventional colors and/or patterns. Wear your black slacks and your black sleeveless blouse tucked in addition for an ultra-chic jumper look. Or pair your graphic tee with a floral skirt and some sneakers.

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Bold lipstick can change your whole look

You may have worn the same dress/blouse/skirt a million times, but pairing it with a striking lip color like red, fuchsia, or plum can elevate and freshen your whole look. Go totally monochromatic from head to toe then put on a great bold lipstick for a sexy street look. Or match your red shoes and your red lipstick for a chic Paris vibe. Tip: keep the rest of your makeup toned down and neutral so you don’t overdo it.



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