Scary Fun in Austin

Who says Halloween is just for kids? From Facebook memes to Halloween pranks, it’s clear to see that kids and grown-ups alike are in love with this holiday. The decorations are finally out, and it’s time to get your scare on. At these creepy Austin haunts, you can recapture the spirit of Halloween no matter what age. From ghost tours to ghost conjuring, here are some great places in Austin to visit this Halloween:

House of Torment

This haunted house has made a name for itself as one of the scariest attractions in the U.S! With mentions from the Huffington Post, Discovery Channel and Travel Channel, The House of Torment has become a dream destination for thrill seekers all over the country. The house features 3 different attractions with changing themes, so no matter what your fear fetish, you can find something scary for everyone. In their immense popularity, the House of Torment has now opened in an even bigger location in north Austin. This year’s attractions include: Dawn of Evil, where you must escape a horde of undead zombies, The Frenzy , where you encounter your worst nightmares and Graveside Manor, where sinister spirits lurk around every corner. For the hardcore haunted house goers, you can even skip the line and book a reservation.

Austin Seance

For all the mystics and believers among us, take a trip “into the gloom” this Halloween. Founded on a mutual love of the metaphysical by paranormal experts Jake D. Cordero and A. Lucio, Austin Seance seeks to explore the mysteries of the afterlife using traditional American spiritualist tools along with modern techniques. Buy a ticket to a sitting and you’ll experience Cordero and Lucio’s unique modern recreation of the American seance. The traveling seance alternates between Austin locations like The Highball, The Vortex Room and Alamo Drafthouse for its sittings. Whether you’re a true believer or not, this spooky attraction is bound to get a rise out of you.

Haunted ATX

Located inside a classic Cadillac hearse-turned limo is Austin’s ONLY mobile ghost tour! Haunted ATX explores the scary side of Austin inside a creepy black hearse that visits the most infamously haunted places in the city. You can even book the haunted limo for special events like a frightening wedding or a private paranormal party. Haunted tours are approximately 2.5-3 hours long and include a detailed history of the sites and their ghostly pasts. This ghost tour is for the truly twisted spirit lovers and offers tons of ghostly fun.

Austin Ghost Tours

Voted one of the top ten ghost tours in the country and featured on the Discovery, Travel and History Channels, Austin Ghost Tours has been telling the story of Austin’s haunted past for over 20 years. Touring iconic landmarks like the historic district, warehouse district and Texas capitol, these 90 -minute walking tours emphasize the benevolence of Austin’s ghosts through vivid storytelling and haunted exploration. There is even the possibility of receiving a visit from a friendly spirit or two, so be sure to keep your eyes and your mind open to anything.

Austin Panic Room

For the adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers, the Austin Panic Room offers you a chance to test your puzzle solving skills under the most extreme circumstances. See if you have what it takes to escape panic in a variety of survival situations ranging from prison break, where you and your teammates are handcuffed, to Phase III: Human Trials, where you have been injected with a lethal drug and must escape a mad surgeon. In each scenario, you have exactly one hour to work with your team and find a way out of the room using deduction and problem solving along with small clues in the room. This exercise is not for the faint of heart, and will open your eyes to a side of yourself you’ve never known: the survivalist.



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