5 Austin Street Artists you Need to Check Out

Graffiti used to be considered just another form of public defacement left to vandals, delinquents and ne’er do wells. But, thanks to post-modern visionaries like Banksy and Shepard Fairey, street art or “graffiti art” has become an increasingly influential and controversial form of artistic expression. And what better place to explore/create street art than in an unconventional, exhibitionist place like Austin! So straight from the underground art world of our beloved city, here are 5 amazing street artists every Austinite should know.

img-2.jpgMike Johnston AKA Truth

Bringing light and smiles to the streets of Austin, Mike Johnston AKA Truth uses his art to spread the message of joy across the city.

img-14 His murals and art works can be seen in paintings and on walls all around Austin, and he especially loves painting on found objects and huge concrete surfaces.  Johnston’s zen artistic vision is inspired by his travels across Asia and the Middle East, with his main influences coming from comic books, graphic art and street art.

Alamo Drafthouse

Check out more about Mike Johnston and peruse his collection of prints, paintings and commissions here.

tumblr_oeyvt9s8vm1rf4kj6o1_1280Lucas Aoki

Born in Cordoba, Argentina, Lucas Aoki brings the colors and influences of Latin America to the Austin art world with his street murals, drawings, canvases and mixed media. After moving to Austin in 2004, Lucas was inspired to pursue his passion for art.

tumblr_nyqpk9rib21rf4kj6o1_1280Collaborating with other local artists and contributing to various galleries and projects, Lucas loves the culture and creative vibe of Austin. His various works and media can be found at sprATX, BigCartel and Austin Art Garage, as well as on several walls and restaurants around the city.

 Vintage Heart Coffee

Aoki’s work is highly conceptual, surreal and Dali-esque, almost reminiscent of children’s illustrations but with a darker twist. Check out more of Lucas Aoki’s recent art work here.

13508984_10153939867053197_8959879495742353741_nBradford Maxfield

Originally from El Paso “Chuco”, TX, contemporary artist and UT alumnus Bradford Maxfield works with several groups and local creative minds to contribute to Austin’s unique street art scene. Maxfield’s art, which can be found at Estudio Bradlio as well as around the streets of Austin, reflects the complexity and beauty of the human mind.

image As a self-made artist still exploring his creative depths, Bradford likes to work with various mediums and techniques. His colorful and vibrant vision is influenced by some of the greats like Salvador Dali and H.R. Geiger, as well as local artists and groups like the Blue Dozen Collective and Lucas Aoki.


One of his more recent artistic contributions to Austin is a huge mural commissioned by New Amsterdam Vodka for their “It’s Your Town” event, held at spratx. But there’s still plenty more to see around Austin, at Estudio Bradlio and on Bradford Maxfield’s page here.

img_1517-1024x768Federico Archuleta AKA El Federico

Born in the border town of El Paso, TX, graffiti artist Federico Archuleta AKA “El Federico” uses inspiration from his Mexican and Chicano background to build a totally original and impressive portfolio that includes street murals, art crawls, stencils for restaurants and nightclubs and even work with Jarritos Beverages!

1899943_10204981914816959_3146793413485199259_n A completely self-taught artist, Federico combines his childhood influences, from rock n roll album covers and comic books to cartoons and Lucha Libre, with his wide array of experience as a portrait artist on the market squares of Guadalajara, Mexico, to keep the Latino spirit alive in Austin.

img_0796 You can find Federico’s various works across Austin at bars and restaurants, at the East Austin Studio Tours and on the streets of Cesar Chavez. Check out more from Federico’s portfolio of work here.

HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Jason EatherlyQuickly rising in the ranks of the graffiti art world is eminent artist Jason Eatherly. Whether it’s videos, murals, paintings or fine art, Eatherly brings a fresh take on creative expression that is heavily influenced by our generation’s urban culture and zeitgeist.

30bb03_b8a912a6a1f54a66980ac64c00af51e1mv2 Eatherly’s work can be found at the renowned Art on 5th gallery, as well as HOPE Outdoor Gallery and on the streets of Austin. The works themselves are mesmerizing and evocative, with traces of graphic art and modern expressionism.30bb03_4c5a04bd663847e5802029fc65ceac6eCheck out more of Jason Eatherly’s portfolio and available art here.

Take a video tour of HOPE Outdoor Gallery here.


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