7 Tasty Ice Cream Treats to Try Around Austin

It’s officially summer, and, in true Texas style, the temperatures are breaking the triple digits daily. Whether you’re out on summer break or finding shelter in the AC of the office, everyone needs an escape from the killer heat. So, to help enjoy the summer sunshine and stay cool this season, here’s where to find the tastiest frozen treats around Austin.

IMG_6438Prohibition Creamery – east Austin

Born out of love of booze and ice cream, Prohibition Creamery is an adorably saucy little ice cream spot that specializes in homemade, locally sourced, pasteurized ice creams and vegan sorbets. But what makes this place really great is their mixture of alcohol and frozen dessert, like boozy milkshakes and brandied cherry bananas foster! The funky ice cream flavors at Prohibition Creamery are a mix of boozy, classic and custom, with some popular flavors like Pecan Buttered Rum and Whiskey Chocolate with Boozy Brownie Bits. You can also find great wines and hand crafted cocktails like the Hemingway Daquiri and Mexican Firing Squad, so whether you’re there for the ice cream, the alcohol, or both, there’s something delicious for everyone!

IMG_6434Bananarchy – south Austin

Based out of a small stand in south Austin,  Bananarchy is a funky little walk-up where you can find frozen bananas coated in a bevy delicious toppings and flavors served true Austin style. This deliciously creative concept is a great way to cool off in the summer heat, with fun flavors like the Joe Banana topped with toffee, cinnamon and crushed coffee beans, the Hippie Dippy with granola, craisins and vanilla and the Afternoon Delight with graham cracker, peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla. Bananarchy is a great little spot to grab a quick frozen treat and head back out for more summer fun.

IMG_6441Dolce Neve – south Austin

Located in the popular So-Fi district of Austin, Dolce Neve is a quaint little gelato shop inside a small house that serves authentic Italian ice cream made with local ingredients and love from owners Francesca, Leo and Marco. Dolce Neve prides itself on creating new and different flavors regularly to keep their menu fresh, with 12 to 18 unique flavors of gelato and sorbet served at a time. Their menu is divided into “staples” that never change, seasonal items and rotating flavors that are available every couple weeks all year round. Some popular flavors include Crema Dolce Neve with lemon zest, Fromage Blanc and Apricot Jam and Chocolate with candied orange peels. Their delicious creations blend our favorite tastes with something new and exotic, so there’s always something new and scrumptious to try.

IMG_6437Berry Austin – north Austin

Created by local Austinite Kathy Steele, Berry Austin is a trendy, health-conscious self-serve froyo shop that offers live/active culture yogurts packed with probiotics and taste. With ten inventive yogurt flavors and over fifty fresh toppings to choose from, there’s a plethora of healthy combinations to try for all froyo fans. Also on the menu you’ll find floats, yogurt parfaits, fruit smoothies and other frozen treats because these folks really dig frozen frozen yogurt! Whether you’re looking for dairy free, low fat or on fat, Berry Austin is the place to find a delicious, semi-guilt free treat to cool off any time of year.

IMG_6435Snow Monster – central Austin

Perched right off the busy north Lamar,  Snow Monster is a fun build your own snow cone shop that specializes in shaved ice in a variety of fun flavors and types. Their funky menu lets you choose between a “creamy, fluffy” snow cone made with real milk, a soy cone with soy milk, or dairy free snow cone made with “pure H2O”. And, as far as toppings go, it’s a sugar lover’s paradise, with fresh fruits, bobas, jellies, cookie bits and even ice cream! Also on the menu you’ll find teas, fruit smoothies, coffees and the killer Snow Waffle with your choice of vanilla, chocolate chips or bacon and cheese, for those breakfast fans who don’t give a damn about calories!

IMG_6439Spun Ice Cream – east Austin

Located in the heart of east Austin is the all natural, super fresh Spun Ice Cream shop, created and run by ice cream enthusiast and chef Christina Cheng. This bright little cafe is known for their spun-to-order organic ice cream made using liquid nitrogen, so each order is spun and served fresh. Not only do they make their ice cream with the highest quality milk from grass fed cows, Spun also offers a bevy of delicious rotating pairings and flavor combos from the mind of chef Christina, including pickled jalapeño glass, caramel popcorn sprinkle and citrus confetti. On the menu you’ll find flavors like horchata, sweet cream and coconut caramel, with pairings like cinnamon crunches and salted chocolate shell as well as a few select daily specials including the Texas Rocky Road Sundae and the Coconut Scout Sundae. This is truly ice cream at its finest!

IMG_6440Gelateria Gemelli – east Austin

Created by Italian chef Andrew Sabola using inspiration from Bologna, Italy, Gelateria Gemelli is a deliciously eclectic gelateria that serves up fresh, small batch gelato made with organic milk and cream from Organic Valley Coop. The inventive and refreshing flavors at Gelateria Gemelli are inspired by the seasons and use only the best local ingredients from suppliers like Springdale Farm and Austin Orchards. Some popular flavors on the menu include Olive Oil, Vietnamese Coffee and Blackberry Bayleaf Sorbetto. Along with old-school style gelato, this gelateria also serves up tasty italian cocktails, Amaros and coffees, so you can wash down your sweet treat with something a little darker.


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