Daybreaker Dance Party comes to ATX

If you’re like me, then a super early morning workout may not exactly be your idea of fun. Let’s face it, most of us have enough trouble rolling our tired asses out of bed in the morning and making it to work on time every day as it is. So the prospect of sacrificing any of your sweet sleep for the sake of fitness is usually out of the question. But if the dancing divas at Daybreakers throw a party in your city, you definitely don’t want to miss it!

These groovy fitness gurus are well aware of the fact that getting moving in the morning is a lot easier – and a more fun – when there’s DJ’s, costumes and dancing involved!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t all about pounding pavement and pumping iron. That’s why Daybreaker’s AM workout bashes are all about cozying up to your local community while you find your own morning rhythm and have a good time!

This fitness revolution is taking the country by storm, throwing outrageously fun morning ragers in Montreal, San Francisco, New York, Seattle and all the major party cities! Fair warning, since this party kicks off at 7 in the wee hours of the morning, there’s absolutely no alcohol whatsoever.

Instead of booze, you’ll find a dry bar of delicious and healthy snacks like granola treats from Kind, bottled refreshments from Honest Tea and hot cocoa and coffee from Perky Perky Coffee and High Brew to keep you fueled during dancing breaks.

Daybreaker’s Christmas-themed Holiday Bash was their last show of the touring season, and they chose to throw it right here in the weirdest city in the world at the iconic Spider House Cafe and Ballroom.

The morning began with a casual one hour warm up yoga session inside the ballroom led by Sukha Yoga, whose instructing style is freeform, conversational and open. In the background, DJ Chorizo Funk set the mood by spinning chill beats from Washed Out and other indie artists while everyone centered their chi and aligned their chakras.

Admittedly, the microphone clad teacher was a little difficult to follow at times because of his free-style, fast talking lyrical instruction. But, then again, this isn’t your typical yoga class full of expert yogis and stretching show offs. Just a bunch of fun Austin peeps hanging out early in the morning and getting into the groove of things together. So nobody was perfect, especially me!

And folks truly embraced the holiday spirit and pulled out all the stops at this fitness fiesta, donning all their gayest apparel in the form of twinkle lights, Christmas bows and colorful garb.

We stretched, twisted and mediated – with our socks on because it was super cold – under the sparkling disco ball to get our bodies moving and blood flowing. Then DJ Chorizo Funk and hip hop husband and wife duo Riders Against the Storm took over the floor for two hours of non-stop dancing.

Once everyone’s yoga mats were rolled up, the tiny ballroom got lit af with loud music, dance-offs and lots of individual expression. Suddenly the tiny space was filled with sound and excitement as dancers started to flood the floor. And people weren’t afraid to get freaky – in fact it was highly encouraged!

The music was pumping like a night club and all around was a sea of Santa hats, sparkly wigs and tinsel clad dancers jumping up and down and working up a sweat to the stylish sounds of the African drummer and live Saxophonist throwin it down. Some brave people even got to show their moves on stage with Riders Against the Storm, and they brought their A game to dance floor by twerking, twirling and titillating the crowd!

Ya’ll, these parties are dope and hands down the best way to start your morning. It’s healthy, it’s wholesome and it’s a whole lot of fun!

And of course a city as weird as Austin is all about living outside of the norm and partying outside of the box! So the Daybreaker morning dance philosophy goes hand in hand with Austin’s unconventional culture.

At the end of the day it may be a little earlier in the morning than your comfortable with – or maybe not – but either way you won’t regret getting up a little earlier once you see what DayBreaker’s no holds barred, balls to the wall wildly fun fitness routine is all about.

You can catch these weekday workout warriors in major cities around North America, and they’ll be back next year for more early morning dancing and debauchery. So don’t miss your chance to experience a totally different side of the city at a time when most people are still in bed!

Click here for the full video.


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