The 90’s Bar Crawl Hits Austin, Texas

If you’ve ever been to Austin then you know that this city definitely dances to the beat of its own drum! Nothing about Austin is conventional, from the multitudes of gourmet food trucks at every turn to the one of a kind urban art displayed proudly on the city streets.

And the festivals in Austin are no exception. The eminent SXSW brings innovation, art, film and music to the city, while the Austin Food and Wine festival celebrates the best and brightest of the city’s culinary scene. But Austin is also known for having their fair share of bizarre festivals that draw diverse crowds from all around, including the bizarre Bat Fest, the psychedelic Euphoria Fest and the film-centric Fantasic Fest. If you’re a badass bar hopper and a 90’s baby who grew up watching Nickelodeon and coveting colored gel pens and Lisa Frank school supplies, then you’ve got to check out one of Austin’s most bangin’ bar crawls: the 90’s Bar Crawl!

This awesome throwback party goes from coast to coast and brings all the pre-y2K essentials like acid washed denim DJs, neon jumpsuits, the infamous “mom jean” and all our favorite 90’s jams from hip hop to alt rock. This year, the 90’s Bar Crawl came to the wonderfully weird Austin, Texas for a day of fun, flannel and awesomely funky outfits. The party took place on a frigid Saturday afternoon in February, with hundreds of freezing cold bar crawlers being incredibly good sports as they sported their strangest old-school swag. Registraion began at 2PM at Rustic Tap off West 7th Street, where participants picked up their wristband, souvenir bar crawl cup and complimentary welcome beer. Outside the bar, guests began to pour in and huddle around the heaters and fire pits warming the outdoor space. And as soon as the drinks started to kick in and the folk band started to jam some sweet Semisonic and Collective Soul covers, the crowd warmed up and soon forgot about the cold weather as they sipped and swayed to the sounds of the 90’s.

As the afternoon played on, downtown Austin became a parade of parachute pants, high ponytails and Tommy Hilfiger jeans. After the millennial crowd got its fill of fun at Rustic Tap, it was time to cruise down the road to the rest of the participating bars that included Rattle Inn, Kung Fu Saloon, Happy Chicks, Pecker Heads, 508 & Pelons, The Lodge, Burnside Tavern, Little Woodrow’s, Bikinis and Green Light Social. At indoor/outdoor dog friendly bar Parlor and Yard, folks were braving the cold to play ping pong and cornhole. While indoors the music was lit and the bar was filled with uninhitbed dancers, 90’s fashionistas and a random guy in a t-rex costume keeping the party weird.

Meanwhile, at Dogwood, the DJ drove the crowd wild by spinning The Macarena, Backstreet Boys and Vanilla Ice. The night raged on and the party heated up on dogwood’s covered patio as pub crawlers stomped their Air Jordans and swayed their fanny packs to the songs of their youth. Drink specials were rampant at every bar and included tasty treats like $3 margaritas, $5 cherry limeades, $2 kool-aid Jell-O shots, $3 Kamikazes and $4 alcoholic Hi-C’s for the kid in all of us. If you love to dress up and you’re down for 8 hours of old school fun, cheap drinks and gettin’ jiggy wit it, then don’t miss your chance to party like it’s 1999 at The 90’s Bar Crawl next time it rolls through town!


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