The Fanciest Food Trucks in Austin

Whether it’s BBQ or banh mi, Austin certainly has its fair share of delicious, indulgent food trucks. Since the first wave of food trucks hit the Austin cuisine scene, street food has become a core staple of the central Texan diet. Today, chefs and culinary innovators all over Austin are taking their talents to the streets to bring delectable, elevated cuisine to the masses. So if you find yourself wandering the city in search of something with a little more flair than your average street fare, make your way to these fancy yet affordable food trucks that are blazing a tasty new trail in Austin.


Setup outside the St. Elmo Brewing in south Austin, Soursop is a pint-sized pan-asian fusion masterpiece that describes itself as “the trap music of Austin food trucks.” This flavorful food truck specializes in savory asian-inspired samples like Char Siu Pork Belly with pineapple, cilantro, cucumber, fried shallot and jasmine rice and Lamb Vermicelli with Thai basil pesto, summer veggies, spicy garlic corn nuts and lamb fat chili crisp. If you’re the type of person who likes to mix cold craft brews with finger-licking fusion cuisine, then head to St. Elmo’s Brewing, grab a frosty Black Kolsch or Pineapple Pale Ale and chill out on their picnic tables with a heaping helping of kaeng kua bbq Sticky Ribs or jumbo Sambal Wings.

Killa Wasi

Located in the heart of east Austin, Killa Wasi is a brilliant mash-up of Texas and Peruvian cuisine and a healthy food truck alternative for breakfast, lunch and Sunday brunch. Inspired by the bustling street of Lima, Killa Wasi serves up farm-fresh veggies and delicious power foods in the form of ceviches, sandwiches, benedictos and bowls. For breakfast, choose from hearty Peruvian inspired options like the Panchamama Sandwich with chorizo or quinoa sausage, avocado and goldenberry jam and ancient grain Quinoa Pancakes with natural cane syrup and seasonal fruit. On the lunch menu you can find savory sensations like the Dona Lima Sandwich with confit pork, avocado, rococo tomato jam and salsa criolla and White Miso and Yucca Hummus with kale chimichurri and bread. And if you’re looking for a fun way to mix up Sunday brunch, try Killa Wasi’s killer brunch menu with binge-worthy selections like braised Boar Benedicto with yucca cakes Huancaina hollandaise and five minute eggs and the Chicken and Quinoaffles with masa fried chicken and chancaca syrup. These bodacious breakfasts will satisfy your craving for street food without the side of guilt.

Three Little Pigs

Helmed by renowned Austin chef Raymond Tatum, Three Little Pigs is a gourmet mobile eatery that dishes out innovative Asian-inspired street cuisine in north Austin. At Three Little Pigs, Chef Raymond is redefining the food truck genre by cooking up a rotating menu of savory seasonal creations like Venison Sausage & Brussels Sprouts with jasmine rice and Panfried Porkchops with crowder peas, tomato gratin and homemade cornbread and Short Shell Crab on toasted bolillo with refried beans, chipotle mayo, salsa, cotija cheese and cilantro. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try one of Raymond’s tantalizing treats like the Coconut Buttermilk Pie or Lemon Custard with cookie crumbles. It’s comfort food meats gourmet cuisine and east meets west with all the essentials and convenience of a food truck. And the best part about this one-of-a-kind food truck is that the menu changes weekly, so no matter what day you go, you’re in for something new and exciting whipped up by one of Austin’s most talented and experienced chefs.


Parked outside the quirky east Austin nightlife alternative, the Vortex RoomPatrizi’s is known for its authentic Italian recipes that brings the flavors of the old country to the late-night Austin food scene. Hailing from a 50 year old family of Italian cooking traditions, the Patrizi family has kept their recipes true to Italy for decades. Today, you can stop by the Patrizi’s food truck and pick up a homemade pasta dish like Pomodoro with organic tomatoes, garlic confit, fresh ricotta, butter and basil or the Carbonara Alexandra with house-cured and smoked pancetta, coddled egg yolks and grana padana. And this isn’t your store-bought pasta either. Patrizi’s dishes contain fresh-pulled pasta made with local eggs, semolina, salt and nutmeg. If you’re in the mood for something a little smaller, try the Bread and Beef Fat with toasted day-old ciabatta, beef fond and grana or the Roasted Local Beets with fresh ricotta, lemom zest and pickled onions. Unfortunately, this Italian food-truck treasure has yet to master the elusive gluten-free pasta recipe – which they acknowledge on their website. However, for all those who can participate in the pasta eating experience, Patrizi’s is one of the most authentic Italian experiences you’re going to find outside of a bar in east Austin!

Dee Dee

Created by husband and wife duo Justin and Lakana, Dee Dee brings the traditional taste of northern Thailand to the streets of Austin. Raised in a family of farmers in the lush countryside of Isaan, Lakana learned the art of preparing a wholesome meal and the patience it takes to create the perfect recipe from scratch using farm grown ingredients and locally inspired flavors. Dee Dee’s menu may be small, but it packs a lot of personality and flavorful punch with dreamy dishes like Pad Kaprow with spicy stir-fried pork, Thai basil and homemade chili paste and Om Gai with thinly-sliced spicy rustic herbal chicken, chili paste, dill, lemongrass, zucchini, chili, spring onion and Thai basil. There’s both vegetarian and omnivore options, with a decent amount of gluten free picks, so everyone can enjoy the authentic, farm-fresh taste of Thailand at this outdoor eatery. You can take your authentic Thai food experience to go. Or if you’re in the mood to dine al fresco, then take your made-to-order Moo Ping Thai pork sliders or homemade Mango Sticky Rice and enjoy it at one of the shaded picnic tables outside this unique Austin gem.


If you’re craving a quick treat that’s dripping with Parisian decadence, head to Saperlipopette on south first. With a name that difficult to pronounce, you know this is one fancy food truck! Tucked in an unassuming food truck park amongst tiny Thai and Indian food trailers, Saperlipopette is an authentic French crepery that specializes in indulgent, scratch made crepes that come in both sweet and savory varieties. Hand made with fresh ingredients and traditional French recipes, these crepes are full of authentic flavor and rich taste. If you’re more of the savory crepe kind, try La Super Compléte with ham, egg, cheese, tomato, fondue and onions or La Ratatouille with ham, cheese, rice, and traditional ratatouille with eggplant, zucchini, tomato, onion, garlic and olive oil. Or if you’re looking for something that’s lip-smackingly sweet, order the La Beurre Sucre with sugar and butter, La Caramel with homemade caramel and salted butter, or the ridiculously rich La Devastator with creamy Nutella. And the best part is most of the crepes at Saperlipopette are made in the traditional Parisian style with Buckwheat – instead of enriched wheat flour – which is naturally gluten free and packed with fiber! So even gluten-free foodies can enjoy a filling French breakfast or brunch and start their day the true Parisian way.

Baton Creole

Perched on the patio of east sixth’s Shangri-LaBaton Creole offers hungry Austinites a true taste of Cajun Creole courtesy of its head chef and Louisiana-native Lynzy “Pub” Moran. Influenced by Spain, Africa, France and Italy, Cajun creole cuisine is just as complex as is it delicious. But Lynzy has devoted her career to paying homage to the genuine flavors of the south, and the result is a mesmerizing melange of tastes and traditions that transcends any other food truck experience in Austin. The fusion finger-food found at Baton Creole is elegant yet attainable and casual yet refined. On the menu you can find all the Cajun classics that are rare to Texas, like Cajun Poutine with seasoned waffle fries, brie cheese and a healthy smattering of Baton Creole’s homemade Badass blackened brown gravy and creole-style Crawfish Etouffe with a dark, butter-based roux, cajun trinity, tomatoes, garlic and crawfish. And in true cajun style, you can also order a hearty bowl of slow-cooked Louisiana-style Gumbo with tender chicken, smoked pork sausage, onions, pepper, celery, garlic and zesty cajun spices. And if you’ve still got room for dessert, sink your teeth into a sugary cajun classic: The Beignet. Stemming from the soul of New Orleans, this french-inspired dessert is deep-fried, covered in powdered sugar and served piping hot to order. Late night eating has never looked so appealing!

Bistro Vonish

Catering to the growing number of vegans and vegetarians in Austin with a refined Texas palate, Bistro Vonish is a truly rare food truck find that is widely known for its elevate vegan cuisine. What started as a monthly supper club is now a booming gourmet food trailer in east Austin that serves up seasonal, locally-sourced dishes with delicious veggies and inventive ingredients. The rotating raw food menu at Bistro Vonish showcases the freshest flavors of central Texas and uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure quality in every bite. Whether you’re in the mood for something salty or sweet, you can satisfy your vegan cravings at this small gourmet outpost. Some popular menu picks at Bistro Vonish include Black Garlic Bruschetta with roasted tomato and basil, Sweet Potato Arepas with cream cheese and jalapeno jam and a BBQ Seitan Sandwich that tastes just like the real thing! Enjoy a light Sunday brunch of Tofu Scramble, Quiche or French Toast (also available gluten free). Or splurge on the gluten free Mousseline Chocolate Pie with pecan-raisin crust. This veggie-forward, gluten free friendly gourmet food truck is a cruelty-free foodie’s dream come true!


Settled on eclectic east Cesar Chavez, Curcuma is one of Austin’s only 100% plant-based food trucks. Inspired by the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda, which dictates that the mind and body are inextricably linked and that nothing has more power to heal the body than the mind, the chefs at Curcuma pride themselves on serving health food with purpose. Which is why every dish at Curcama is prepared with sustainability, health and community in mind. Free of preservatives or processors, Curcama serves vegan, cruelty-free food that is good for the body, the mind and the environment. You may not think that 100% plant-based cuisine can be very exciting, but somehow Curcuma manages to infuse every vegetable-focused dish with a tongue-teasing blend of herbs and spices that could convert even the most devout meat-eaters. For something on the lighter side, try a brain and metabolism boosting Golden Mylk or energizing Super Matcha Latte with activated cashew milk. Or go all out with a warm quinoa and mung bean Kuchari Bowl, Spirulina Peso Bowl with raw daikon noodles or Raw Pecan Tacos with spiced pecan meat and spinach on raw jicama tortillas. They’ve also got a unique selection of “Elixirs and Broths” meant to nourish the body and mind through holistic healing. Cool off with a detoxing Black Lemonade with organic lemon juice, organic maple syrup and activated charcoal. Or stay ultra-hydrated with an Aloe Beet Elixir with an alkalizing blend of aloe vera juice, fresh beet and organic ginger. Even their desserts are uber nutritious super foods, like the Rose Tahini Cacao Fudge with raw cacao, rosewater, medjool dates and anti-oxidant rich coconut shreds and the sugar free Golden Fat Bomb energy bites with coconut butter, cashew butter, tumeric, lucama and coconut shreds. Whether you’re a vegetarian or just plain hungry, Curcuma is definitely worth a visit to see what these produce pros have accomplished by harnessing the power of the plant.

Crossroads: Farm to Truck

Tucked in the Barton Springs district of south Austin, Crossroads: Farm-to-Truck is a fresh take on trailer fare that connects local farmers with consumers by whipping up delicious, locally-sourced cuisine. Created by east coast culinary team Danielle and Wayne, Crossroads celebrates the seasonal and local flavors of Texas and the hard-working local farmers that provide them. Proudly partnering with Texas farms like Texas Olive RanchHoney Doe Farm, Vital Farms, Johnson’s Backyard GardenTenaza Organics, Richardson Farms, and The Farm Patch, Crossroads is constantly updating their menu to incorporate new and amazing recipes. Taking inspiration from Italy, Morocco and Paris, Crossroads specializes in menu offerings such as Spiced Moroccan Pork Shoulder Skewers with couscous, summer vegetables and sumac and Vegetarian Mushroom Gnocchi with Parisian dumplings, harvest greens, vegetables, pistou and goat cheese. Or you can sink your teeth into one of Crossroad’s takes on the all-American classics like The Burger made with 100% local beef, pimento cheese, bacon, lettuce and onion on a homemade Portuguese sweet bun or braised dark meat Picnic Chicken with Texas caviar, sweet and spicy bbq sauce, chow chow, corn bread and brown rice. Because of its emphasis on farm-grown ingredients, the majority of the menu items at Crossroads are gluten free. So feel free to splurge on as many farm-to-truck dishes you can get your hands on, because each one is rich in local flavor and supports the local farmers of central Texas.


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