The Best Breakfast Tacos in Austin

If there’s one food Texas knows a thing about, it’s tacos! Whether you like ’em crispy, soft or street-style, tacos are definitely among Austin’s favorite food group. And there’s nothing like a homemade breakfast taco to start your day off right. So if you’re a true Texas foodie with an affinity for portable Tex-Mex treats, then sink your teeth into these tasty breakfast tacos around Austin.

Veracruz All Natural

Widely known as one of the best taco trucks in the city, Veracruz All Natural puts a little bit of homespun love in every delicious bite of their mouthwatering creations. Originally from Veracruz, Mexico, Chef Reyna makes draws flavorful inspiration from both her mother and grandmother and makes hers delicious tacos with in-house corn or locally made flour tortillas and fresh fillings like fish, chorizo and queso fresco. You can find a Veracruz taco truck on virtually every side of town, including south Austin, North Austin and East Austin. So if you don’t mind a bit of a wait, then you definitely won’t be disappointed when you try one of these bad boys! Try the fiery Migas Poblanos tacos, which are made with egg, poblano pepper, tortilla chips, red onion, queso fresco black beans and fresh avocado, the open face Picada taco or the health-conscious La Reyna taco, which is made with egg whites, mushrooms, carrots, spinach, bell peppers, monterey jack, cilantro and avocado. Don’t forget to top your taco with some uber spicy green salsa for an extra kick in the morning.

Juan in a Million

With oodles of awards and mentions from NBC, Eater, The Travel Channel and the New York Times, Juan in a Million has been one of Austin’s most sought after breakfast joints for years. This family-owned restaurant is notorious for dishing out gut-busting breakfasts that will leave you full for days! Like most popular breakfast spots in Austin, Juan in a Million usually has a wait in the morning, but trust folks when they say the wait it totally worth it! Their legendary tacos include the Fajitas Taco, which comes loaded with perfectly spiced chicken or beef, the Guacamole Taco with fresh made guacamole and the biggest and baddest of them all: The Don Juan Taco. This gargantuan taco is a feast on its own with a secret blend of potato, egg, bacon and cheese, all wrapped up in a deliciously hot tortilla. Just make sure to pace yourself, because this small mountain of a taco will leave you totally stuffed but still wanting more!

Pueblo Viejo

Tucked away in downtown Austin, Pueblo Viejo is one of Austin’s best kept breakfast secrets. Hungry Austinites flock to this quaint Mexican eatery to feast on their amazing fresh meals and mouthwatering breakfast tacos with handmade tortillas. Some of their popular specialty tacos include the Pueblo Viejo Style taco with steak, mushrooms, cheese, and avocado, the Quesadilla Sincronizada, which is made with with lots of melted cheese, ham and avocado on a crispy tortilla and the Guaca Taco, which is stacked with guacamole, fresh spinach, and your choice of chicken or steak. But if you’re looking for a morning meal that will beat out the competition, try one of Pueblo Viejo’s breakfast tacos like the Taco Bueno with egg, chorizo, potato and cheese, The spicy Taco Azteca with jalapeño, egg, ham and beans or the vegetarian-friendly Mi Madre with mushrooms, spinach, jalapeno and cheese. And wash it all down with a fresh cup of Cosmic Coffee, which you can get right next door.

Taco Joint 

Set up in two different locations: east Austin and central Austin, Taco Joint is one of the city’s favorite Tex Mex picks for all kinds of eaters. With a deviously tempting menu filled with tortas, tamales, street tacos and breakfast tacos, this local eatery has a little something delicious for everyone. Some popular taco picks include El Porko, which comes achiote roasted pulled pork, queso fresco, cilantro and a side of sweet habanero sauce, the Whole Mole with pulled chicken, mole sauce, shredded cabbage, queso fresco and cilantro and the tried and true Street Taco with grilled sirloin, caramelized onion, avocado, cilantro and queso fresco. And for breakfast, you can have your taco just about any way you like it with a wheat, corn or flour tortilla and fresh toppings including egg, chorizo, bean, potato, ham, cheese and more. Or you can try one of Taco Joint’s specialty breakfast tacos like the vegan El Gringo with egg whites and baby spinach, Mexican-style Open-face Migas with onions, tomatoes and queso, or the carnivorous Steak and Egg creation with smokey gouda cheese. No matter what you pick, it’s sure to top your list of the best tacos in town!

Paco’s Tacos

One of east Austin’s most treasured hidden taco gems, Paco’s Tacos is a laid-back, funky tex-Mex hangout that offers all day breakfast, fresh Mexican food and tacos any way you want them. People can’t stop raving about the behemoth Big Man breakfast, which comes  with wo eggs over easy, jack cheese, potatoes, beans, peppers, bacon and freshly made salsa roja on one of Paco’s housemade 10″ flour tortillas. The Migas tacos with eggs, housemade pico and tortillas chips are to die for, the salsas are made all made in house and the breakfast tacos come in delectably endless combinations. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, you can build the perfect breakfast taco and enjoy it any time of day. Fresh ingredients include tomatillo crema, egg whites, bacon, veggie chorizo, spinach, pickled jalapeños, housemade pico, black beans, mushrooms, peppers, spinach and so much more. So you can mix and match as many flavor combinations as you can handle!

Granny’s Tacos

Set in an unassuming food truck on east 7th, Granny’s boasts some of the best tacos in east Austin. This inconspicuous taco truck makes all their mouthwatering orders fresh and use all natural, locally sourced ingredients. La Gringa taco is filled with a blend of steak, chorizo, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and cheese and the Ranchero Taco comes with crispy chicharron, eggs, chips and pico. But what gets people out of bed in the morning are the tasty breakfast tacos at Granny’s. There’s cactus, egg and cheese, broccoli, egg and cheese, turkey sausage egg and cheese, spinach, egg and cheese and whatever else you can imagine. If you’re hungry for something heartier, try the potato, chorizo egg and cheese taco, which will keep your belly warm and satisfied all day.


With three successful locations in south and north Austin, Papalote is one of Austin’s most hopping Mexican hangouts. From tacos and tortas to Mexican platters and breakfast, this authentic Mexican eatery is chock full of wholesome, hearty goodness. The Rajas y Hongos taco has poblano pepper strips, onions, zucchini, mushrooms cream sauce, cabbage and queso fresco, and the Guajalote en Mole is dripping with decadence in the form of shredded turkey covered in sweet mole sauce. But if you’re the type who likes to eat breakfast any time of day, build your own breakfast masterpiece out of fresh ingredients like jalapeño, green beans, franks, chorizo, cactus, fresh avocado, potato or calabaza. With so many unique flavor combos, you can try a different taco each time and never get bored!

Valentina’s Tex Mex

Known city wide for their unique and scrumptious BBQ, fusion spot Valentina’s is dominating the tex mex game with their smoked Harley Ranch meats. In fact, their BBQ is so delectably popular that they sell their tasty tex-mex from 7:30 until they’re sold out, which is just about every day. Order from the “Tex” side of the menu and enjoy a loaded bbq sandwich with pulled pork, brisket or pulled chicken. Or order from the “Mex” side and enjoy a carnitas taco, pulled pollo taco or cerveza beef fajita taco. And ifyou’re craving a belly full of BBQ first thing in the morning, try their Ultimate Bean and Cheese taco with tomato Serrano salsa, bacon and smoked brisket or pulled pork. Or fill up on incomparably good Real Deal Holyfield with housemade tomato Serrano salsa, fried egg, potatoes, refried beans, bacon and your choice of mesquite smoked brisket or pulled pork. If you don’t mind waiting in line, then Valentina’s will reward you handsomely with some seriously BBQ grub.

Con Madre Kitchen

If you’re looking for an inexpensive breakfast alternative to your average taco chain, check out Con Madre Kitchen. This casual Mexican cafe is tucked inside a small, red food truck and makes each savory dish with a little homespun magic. Taking classic Mexican American dishes and reimagining them, Con Madre offers a delicious twist on some of our favorite meals. Build your own taco with eggs, beans, migas or chorizo. Or sink your teeth into one of Con Madre’s specialties like the Chilaquiles Taco with crispy corn chips, egg, a la Mexicana and queso fresco or the salty Chicharrones Taco with pork rinds, egg, sautéed green or red salsa and queso fresco. Whether you’re a vegetarian or omnivore, anything you order is sure to be a delicious hit!

El Primo

Located in eclectic south Austin, El Primo is responsible for some of the most delightfully delicious breakfast tacos in town! Made to order right in front of you, these tacos and burritos will quell your hunger and captivate your tastebuds. The superior bacon and egg tacos get rave reviews, the chorizo and egg tastes just like home and the migas, ham and egg is the stuff of genius. For vegetarians, there’s a freshly made bean and egg taco nestled inside a warm flour tortilla, and for American food lovers there’s a finger licking sausage and egg taco that will have you going back for seconds and thirds!

Vaquero Taquero

Located near Hyde Park in a tiny food trailer, Vaquero Taquero is one of Austin’s most cherished taco treasures. This inconspicuous truck opens at 9:30AM and makes all their tacos on fresh, homemade tortillas with a side of house salsa. Their breakfast tacos are only $3 or $4 and made with fresh, natural ingredients. For vegetarians, try the black bean taco which comes smothered in queso fresco. And for those with a bigger appetite in the morning, taste the bacon, egg and cheese, the nopales and egg or the machacado and egg. These dizzyingly delicious tacos are definitely worth getting out of bed a little early for!


For a healthy take on breakfast and brunch, head to the wholesome Picnik cafe. This hip Austin hangout has a super fresh menu that is 100% gluten, soy, corn and peanut free! Their anytime plates include fresh avocado toast, Salted Caramel Banana Pancakes with cherry berry pomegranate jam and Superfood Museli with raw rolled oats, golden berries and mulberries. Everything on the menu is locally sourced from places like Johnson’s Backyard Garden, Quality Seafood and Bastrop Cattle Company. Stop by Picnik for breakfast and nosh on a grass-fed Breakfast Sausage taco with eggs, sweet potato, spinach and chipotle aioli. Or try the Meat Lovers taco with pastured pork chorizo, yukon potato, Serrano, bell pepper, onion and house chipotle aioli. For vegans and vegetarians, everything is clearly labeled and vegetarian tacos include the Veggie Taco with your choice of veggies, sweet potato, eggs and tomatillo sauce. You can even order a tasty taco without the tortilla. So no matter what your fancy, Picnik has you covered!

Tamale House

Popular Tamale House has all the Tex Mex essentials needed for a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether you’re craving tamales or tacos, Tamale House has it all. Their platters include enchiladas, Mole, pibil and, of course, tamales! And for breakfast you can have a loaded taco on a warm tortilla with one of Tamale House’s specialty salsas. Try the Egg Tomato, Onion and Jalapeño, the Black Bean, White Cheese and Bacon, the Chipotle Migas and Queso or the Mushroom, Spinach, Black Bean and Guac. Whatever your breakfast-loving heart desires, Tamale House has in spades!


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