Delicious Asian Fusion Spots to Try in Austin

Austin is a spectacular melting pot of people, art and culture. And the food is no exception! Whether it’s Hawaiian-American or Japanese Tex Mex, there’s practically no culinary avenue that hasn’t been explored. And if you’re craving a little taste of the east, Austin has a delicious list of fusion eateries that will definitely hit the spot. So from Korean BBQ to Japanese smokehouses, here’s where you can find the best Asian fusion in Austin.


From the genius minds that brought us Franklin BBQ and Uchi comes a new Asian fusion concept in Austin. Loro is an Asian smokehouse that mixes the best of Texas BBQ with the savory flavors of the east. This fusion hot spot is known for their craft batch cocktails and boozy slushees, Asian comfort foods and, of course, their delicious smoked meats that are seasoned to perfection. From Malaysian Chicken Bo Ssam to Char Siew Pork Belly, Loro has all the essentials of a great southern smokehouse but with a twist. Try the popular Loro wings, Smoked Baby Back Duroc Pork Ribs or the Smoked Prime Bavette with shishito Salsa verde.

Peached Tortilla

Bringing Austin a little down-home comfort food, Peached Tortilla is an Asian eatery that specializes in southern and Asian fusion treats. Known for their tasty fusion brunch, lunch and dinner and expertly curated cocktails, Peached Tortilla brilliantly marries the taste of the south with the delicious recipes of Asia. Try the Southern Fun, which is Peached Tortilla’s clever take on Chow Fun with braised brisket, or the crowd pleasing Pork Belly Bun, which is stuffed with Vietnamese braised pork belly and topped with Chinese bbq sauce. Whether you’re looking for Asian style tacos or Malaysian bowls, Peached Tortilla is sure to satisfy any Asian fusion craving.

Chi’lantro BBQ

With 7 booming locations including the original food truck, Chi’lantro is easily one of the most successful Asian fusion concepts in Austin. The locations all have their own menus, but each one is packed with fantastic flavors and fusion perfection. This casual cafe is famous for their Korean inspired BBQ, Korean Fried Chicken Wings and original Kimchi Fries, which are smothered in caramelized kimchi, cheddar, monterrey jack, sriracha and your choice of meat. At Chi’lantro, you can mix and match your favorite flavors to please any palate. From rice bowls to bbq platters, Chi’lantro has mastered the art of Korean-Texan BBQ.

East Side King

Created by local culinary masterminds Paul Qui and Moto Utsunomiya of Uchi/Uchiko, East Side King brings a little bit of Austin flare to traditional Japanese street food. Taking creative liberty with their recipes and dishes, East Side King has created a menu that is both delectable and inspired. The Poor Qui pork belly buns are topped with cucumber kimchi and hoisin sauce, the tempura fried shrimp Ebi Ebi Meshi is covered in million dollar sauce and the Thai Chicken Kara-Age is deep fried and seasoned to perfection. No matter what you order, from meshis to bentos, you’ll get a taste of Japanese tradition and Austin weird in every bite.

Chinos Fusion Hacienda

Formerly known as Chinos Banditos, the cleverly named Chinos Fusion Hacienda is a quaint little brunch and lunch spot that caters to both the Tex Mex and Asian fusion fans. Whether you’re in the mood for chicken adobo, puffy tacos or spicy tofu, the diverse and delicious menu at Chinos Banditos has you covered. Try the popular Pork Belly Sliders with sweet Hawaiian rolls, slow roasted pork belly, candied jalapeño and la la sauce, the Kimchi Fries or the Chino Taquito – Chinos’ tasty take on the Filipino ground pork egg roll. No matter what mood you’re in, Chinos Hacienda will serve up exactly what you’re looking for.

Lotus Chinese

Located in the popular Rock Rose area, Lotus Chinese offers a contemporary take on Cantonese/Chinese cuisine. Set in modern digs, this swanky Asian cafe has dumplings, duck and Dan Dan for days! On the menu you’ll find tantalizing temptations like Dong Bo Pork Belly Buns with Fresno chili, sweet soy and pickled mustard, General Tso’s Crispy Fish with hunan preserved vegetables and Chili Garlic Eggplant Tofu with pineapple and cashews. Whether you’re a vegetarian or an omnivore, there’s something savory and sensational for everyone at Lotus. Try a traditional dish from the wok like Sweet and Sour Sesame Chicken with Sichuan-lime carrots or take it to the next level with sweet and savory Caramelized Char Siu Pork or crispy Canton Fried Duck with steamed mantou buns. No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed!

Mission Dogs

Known for their bacon wrapped hot dogs, Mission Dogs brings delicious hot dogs with inventive toppings to the streets of east Austin. This clever cafe blends together two of our favorite things: hot dogs and Asian fusion! At Mission Dogs you can find a variety of juicy hot dogs topped with fresh ingredients like pickled ginger, green papaya salad and cilantro slaw. The Vietdog is topped with cucumber, carrot, jalapeño, cilantro slaw, garlic chili sauce and sriracha mayo, the Dogijuku has pickled ginger, nori, cucumber slaw, teriyaki glaze and wasabi mayo and the Kimdog is layered with fresh kimchi and creamy sesame miso sauce. The menu may be small, but it definitely packs a big punch!

Ola Poke

Located in north and central Austin, Ola Poke is a mouthwatering melange of Hawaiian and Asian fusion. This low key cafe serves sushi, hibachi, Korean BBQ and lots of poke! Build your own poke bowl with an impressive selection of fresh ingredients like tuna, yellowtail, avocado, baby kale, ginger, masago baby kale and mango. Or try something from the hibachi. The menu is bursting with flavor in the form of Korean Fried Chicken Wings, Pork Belly Buns and kimchi fries. Whether it’s Korean, Japanese or Hawaiian, these fusion chefs really know how to mix it up!

Spicy Boys

Serving up Pan Asian grub with a flare, Spicy Boys is a food truck parked outside the popular St. Elmo Brewing Company. This contemporary fusion concept is renowned for their fresh and inventive Asian cuisine that is both authentic and original. The menu is filled with divine dishes like Chinese Panang Eggplant with Thai basil and fresh peppercorn, Beef Cheeks braised with cinnamon, brown sugar and star anise and the Sopburger adobo glaze, achara special sauce and Swiss cheese. Try the jumbo Samabal Wings with Thai chili and fish sauce, the sticky ribs or the Ribeye Khao Soi with northern Thai coconut curry soup. Everything this tiny trailer serves is dripping with deliciousness has a larger than life fusion flavor!

Yummi Tacos

Tucked away in north Austin, Yummi Tacos dishes out delicious fusion tacos, burritos, bowls and more! This Asian fusion eatery has everything on the menu from banh mi to bulgogi and everything in between. The Big Tex Yo-rrito is stuffed with fries and beef bulgogi, the Pull Pork Burger is served fresh on a Hawaiian bun and the Kimchi Fries are homemade, spicy and finger-licking good. Try the bodacious Chonger burger with beef bulgogi and kimchi, the Pork Banh Mi with Vietnamese veggies or the savory Beef Yummi Bowl. Yummi Tacos has all the fusion essentials and then some!


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