Feed your Creative Side at FosterATX

One of my favorite characteristics of Austin is this city’s fierce dedication to fostering and supporting the creatives, innovators and up-and-comers of our generation. Around every corner you can find an eclectic array of charming shops, cafes, and business, all with one goal in mind: keep Austin weird! One thing you’ll learn in Austin is that you don’t have to go to a concert to catch a show and you definitely don’t have to travel far to find adventure.
image3Among the most creative and inventive forward thinkers in the city is FosterATX, a unique local community whose focus is curating intimate and memorable events that showcase the cream of the crop and freshest faces in music, food, art and more. And I had the exquisite pleasure of attending such an auspicious occasion at the Fly Felix + MAAGS house show hosted by FosterATX. This super intimate show was so exclusive that its location was revealed to guests only after they purchased a ticket.

The gathering began on a balmy summer evening as the sun was setting, inside an unassuming and cozy home in east Austin. The lights were dimmed, the candles were lit and throw pillows lay scattered on the floor in anticipation of a performance. Once the guests began to filter in, it was as though everyone already knew each other, hugging and greeting warmly as they made themselves comfortable on the couches and hammocks.

image5And soon the evening turned from a house full of strangers to a home full of friends, as the whiskey started to kick in and the pizza party rolled in – oh ya, did I mention there was complimentary Jet’s pizza? It was a night full of music, musings and magic – I mean, literally, there was a magician circulating around the house performing tricks of the eye and sleight of hand for the 30-40 guests.
IMG_7209.JPGAlso in attendance was the lovely live poet Violet Vela (@violet__vela), a beautiful wordsmith with a curious gift: creating customized poems on the spot out of any given word. And she did not disappoint! I gave Violet my “Fear” and she turned it into a short and poignant message typed on an old typewriter. 

The tunes were smooth and the drinks were even smoother, with Nine Banded Whiskey serving up fresh summer inspired cocktails on the adorable patio.

image4As the evening evolved, we were ushered into the open living room for a session of sweet serenades by the amazing 16 year old songstress MAAGS, accompanied only by an acoustic guitar.

The dulcet sounds of MAAGS and Felix filled the room with a subtle haze that melted perfectly into an ethereal electronic performance by Fly Felix.

This was not your run-of-the-mill live show, which is usually polluted with a cacophony of drunk patrons and passers by.  Instead, the coordinators at FosterATX encourage their guests to give the artists their full attention – which wasn’t difficult once we heard the sweet songbird MAAGS.

The Fly Felix + MAAGS house show was a perfect little slice of Austin, and the city is full of hidden treasure troves like this just waiting to be discovered. So explore every avenue and open every door because, in Austin, you never know what the night holds.

**Check out a video of the exclusive event here. **

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