How CryptoCurrency and Blockchain are Changing the Travel Game for Millennials

You may have heard the word Bitcoin floating around – and maybe you even have Bitcoin. But many people don’t realize the growing impact that this decentralized cryptocurrency has on our everyday lives. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin have become an increasingly valid and accepted form of payment around the world. Which is a big deal since this digital currency, in most cases, costs a fraction of a dollar. Crazy right?! Why are more people not talking about this! It’s kind of like extreme couponing but on steroids. Bitcoin is a decentralized electronic currency that operates on a blockchain and has a host of benefits that extend beyond the basic USD. A blockchain, like Ethereum or Waves, is essentially a decentralized platform that can store and transfer information and process payments securely.

SmartphoneUnlike other digital wallets and bank accounts, cryptocurrencies take the middle man out of the equation and are virtually impossible to hack thanks to their super secure blockchain platform. The internet of the things has become all but obsolete and the age of the “Internet of Money” has begun. Even if you’re resistant toward the idea of cryptocurrency and happen to acquire Bitcoin or Litecoin but don’t want to spend it, you can trade it for USD using a conversion tool like Coinbase. Much like the USD, the value of cryptocurrency fluctuates on a day to day basis – typically 1% to 3%. But studies show that the overall value of the Bitcoin today is roughly $8,063 and it’s expected to reach a whopping $50,000 by 2018 due to supply and demand.

CafeBitcoin has already taken over restaurants and retailers all over, so you can dine out and shop til you drop without ever opening your wallet. With the advent of blockchain technology, currency has become more of an immaterial concept – so to speak. This makes many things that were previously unattainable to the average millennial – such as world travel and first time home buying – an absolute reality by giving the power of the digital token back to the people. Investing in blockchain means buying into an ever-evolving circulatory system that constantly generates value.

AirportHow does this impact you? Many industries, such as the healthcare, real estate and airline industries, are now hopping on board the blockchain train to enable customers to get the most “bang for their buck.” Instead of penny pinching and squirreling away to save up for an exorbitant down payment on a house, you can finance your house with Bitcoin or REX. REX uses an innovative combination of blockchain, data distribution and digital currency that helps mainstream the real estate process and cut costs exponentially. This is the perfect solution for millennials like myself who would rather spend their money traveling and living it up than paying for an interminable mortgage.

Lufthansa Airline Also joining the new world of electronic currency and loyalty programs are the airline and sporting event industries. Sports stadiums around the U.S are incorporating blockchain technology and starting to accept digital currency with Mark Cuban’s Mercury Protocol. And several airlines around the world including Peach Aviation in Japan and Lufthansa in Germany are now accepting Bitcoin, which makes airfare cheaper than it’s ever been! You can also earn frequent flyer and loyalty points while you pay with airline cryptocurrency as well as keep your luggage records secure on a blockchain platform.

Hope’s SeedDallas local Michael Ryan, along with a talented team of technology experts who are on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency, has developed a new type of crytocurrency that is going to take over the healthcare industry. And let’s face it, in today’s economy who can really afford quality healthcare? CoinHealth is a brand new cryptocurrency ICO that is housed on the trusted Waves blockchain platform. Teaming up with co-founder Shelley Colquitt and their sister organization Hope’s Seed – a Dallas nonprofit that helps enrich the lives of children with critical and terminal illnesses – Michael Ryan will help make critical healthcare services and testing available to the masses with Coinhealth. So patients in need of immediate treatment can get the care they need when they need it.

RunnerYou can also earn money just by being active with CoinHealth’s smart biometric bracelet, which converts steps into tokens and health into wealth. So being healthy literally pays off! This Smart Wearable Device (SWD) is secured on the Waves blockchain platform so all your info stays safe. Just strap on your bracelet every day and earn Coinhealth that you can spend or save up to cash out big. Just think…you can peruse the piazzas of Italy, window shop in Paris and dance the night away in Berlin all while racking up Coinhealth tokens that can be converted to cash to help fund your next adventure!

BackpackingPresale for Coinhealth starts December 10th, 2017 at $.05 a token and the crowd sale begins January 1st, 2018 at $.35 a token. So if you consider yourself to be a trendsetter and a savvy investor, then join the millions of digital ‘miners’ making money and invest in a solid cryptocurrency like Coinhealth, Bitcoin or Litecoin. Because cryptocurrency is what’s going to pay for your future globetrotting, jetsetting and adventuring for practically pennies!


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