8 Supper Clubs in Austin that are Redefining Fine Dining

Austin is a deliciously diverse city filled with art, music, and, of course, food! Whether you’re a diehard BBQ fan or an authentic Tex Mex lover, there’s a veritable bevy of foods to find on every corner. But for the unofficial food aficionados and self-proclaimed foodies, Austin is also home to a spectacular artisanal underground dinner and drink scene. The relatively new concept of the supper club is a communal dining experience that aims to bring the pleasure and conversation back to our meals. And the celebrated supper clubs of Austin bring together the best and brightest local chefs and creators to bring a one-of-a-kind dining experience to enterprising eaters. If you know where to look, you can take part in a dazzling dinner brings a lot more than just food to the table! So if you’re looking for an exceptional underground dining experience outside the ordinary, check out these secret supper clubs that have Austin coming back for seconds.

The Elephant TableThe Elephant Table

Founded by two local post-feminist foodies with a passion for the creative, The Elephant Table specializes in small, underground collaborative dinners in Austin. Cofounders Hope and Beth chose the majestic elephant to represent their unique supper club because the elephant is a wise and loyal herd animal that symbolizes strength, power and remembrance. This forward-thinking collection of culinary professionals is comprised of an eclectic team of photographers, florists, designers, bakers, brewers, distillers and visual collaborators that value team work, community and creativity above all else. Each Elephant Table Dinner brings a brand new food and art collaboration with local talent, so no two dinners are ever alike. The very first elephant table dinner kicked off August 30, 2016 at the lovely Gypsy Flower Boutique and featured a fantastically fresh locally sourced four-course meal from Hausbar Farms. Other recent Elephant Table events included the Connect dinner: a pasta-focused party set in a private driveway that featured original recipes by Beth DiBaggio and Allison DeCarlo of Vespaio and the Southern Edge dinner with a collection of comfort foods by Corey McEntyre of Milo and Biscuit Co., designs by Avery Cox and Wine from Waco Wine Shoppe. Since each Elephant Table dinner is meant to be intimate and personal, the curators hand select every partner, collaborator and guest based on their personality and passions. To partake in one of these private dinner get togethers, you have to join the Elephant Table Supper Club, where you outline your occupation, interests and tastes. Then you hope and wait for the Elephant Table to match you with the perfect dinner and send an exclusive invite for one unforgettable night.

One Long TableOne Long Table

Established in 2016 by couple Jeff and Vanessa Darby, One Long Table is a charming supper club that hosts a variety of chefs and culinary creators throughout the year. This enterprising husband and wife duo took Jeff’s love of cooking and Vanessa’s experience at event planning and design and turned it into a communal dining experience that they can share with the city. The inspiration for this charming name came from Vanessa’s desire to recreate the comraderie and closeness of their wedding dinner, which was lovingly shared by friends and family at one long table. Keeping this family-oriented focus, One Long Table is a place to connect with others and make friends out of strangers. Over the last two years, One Long Table has hosted a plethora of unique evening events and dinners that range from 4 courses all the way to ten, each with a different focus and following. The Heaven and Nature Sing dinner at Mercury Hall featured an ethereal choral performance by the St. James Choir and a decadent four course meal by Mongers Market and Kitchen. The Moon Laughs and Whispers dinner in Lakeway featured a four course fall harvest meal under the stars. And the ongoing Downtown at Star Hill Ranch Series always keeps things fresh with original recipes that incorporate local beers, produce and ingredients. Guests can purchase a limited amount of tickets prior to each event, but tickets sell out quickly and Vanessa and Jeff recommend joining their mailing list if you want a head start on tickets for upcoming dinners.

FosterATXFoster ATX

Appealing to Austin’s undying love of music and food, Foster ATX is an art-focused supper club that curates casual community soirées throughout Austin. This eclectic eating experience features food and drink popup’s with some of Austin’s best chefs, as well as special concerts and intimate dinners at unique locations throughout the city. The jetsetting founders of Foster were inspired to mimic all their favorite parts of European living, especially the easy-going sparkling dinners that tend go late into the night. Every detail of the dinners hosted by Foster ATX are carefully planned and timed to create a seamless evening filled with friends, food, delicious craft drinks and sweet song serenades. Foster ATX is constantly on the move, throwing parties at coffee shops, in breweries, outdoors and even in private residences! The Fly Felix + Maags House Show brought Nine Banded Whiskey, take out pizza and two chill live sets by 16 year old singing prodigy Maags and DJ Fly Felix. While the Wood dinner brought the festivities outdoors for a three-night campfire celebration of food, music, art and drink featuring a wood-fired dinner prepared by Chefs Sarah Heard and Nathan Lemley of Foreign & Domestic and musicians Invoke, The Troll Smashers and Tony Kamel. From small shows at coffeehouses to popup parties at random locations, Foster ATX brings a sense of mystery, excitement and Austin weird wherever it goes. So check out Foster AtX’s upcoming events and snag a ticket to one of the best new underground  supper clubs in Austin!


A subdivision of the contemporary SEF Food Concepts, LocavoreATX is a dining concept turned dinner establishment in central east Austin that boasts a 98% local menu comprised of fresh Texas produce. The vision of LocavoreATX is simple: source locally, cook sustainably and conserve the environment whenever possible! The definition of a locavore is a person whose diet consists solely or principally of locally grown or produced food. To locavores, eating local is not just a trend, but a lifestyle. At LocavoreATX in east Austin, guests are treated to an open and inviting interior, friendly service and a Texas comfort food menu comprised of locally sourced ingredients. As a zero-waste establishment, LocavoreATX takes sustainable living to the next level by only purchasing recyclable or compostable products, so you can enjoy an indulgent Texas meal totally guilt-free and do your part to save the environment at the same time! The LocavoreATX Supper Club mirrors the same principles as their restaurant, and curates special collaborative events around Austin that showcase the best local farmers, brewers and producers of central Texas. The “No Goats, No Glory” dinner partnered with Bee Tree Farm and Dairy for an adorable goat walk and a decadent, cheesy five-course meal of Grilled Cheese, Sourdough Chowder, Arugula and Feta Salad, Polenta Steak and a Feta Cheese Tart with apple compote for dessert. And the “Save the World Beer Dinner” took place at the Save the World Brewery and featured a locally-sourced three-course meal comprised of handpicked ingredients from local farms and a selection of tasty beer pairings with each course. Each LocavoreATX dinner event is ticketed with a limited amount of seats, so be sure to check their website regularly for upcoming events, because this locally-sourced sensation sells out quickly!

Supper FriendsSupper Friends

Known as Austin’s premier supper club, Supper Friends is an elevated dining experience hosted out of the historic Swoop House in east Austin. Since being saved from demolition in 2008, this charming 1930’s bungalow has been beautifully restored and renovated as an idyllic dining and event space surrounded by lush green gardens. Supper Friends reimagines fine dining with their specialty events and strives to make each dinner a personal, memorable occasion for every guest. The talented chefs of 2 Dine 4 Catering helm the mouthwatering menu at Supper Friends, with a rotating list of special guest chefs adding a little pizzaz to each plate. Along with a beautifully presented and thoughtfully curated multi-course meal, guests are also spoiled by an immaculate beer and wine menu administered by Greg Randle, CWE. The fusion Cajun Cowboy Cookout featured a four-course southern-inspired meal by Louisiana Chef Happy Abdelbaki with Fried Green Tomatoes, Crab Stuffed Flounder, Shrimp Remoulade Salad, Smoked Beef Tenderloin Cobb Salad and Banana Cream Pie with chocolate drizzle for dessert. While the Mexican Summer Supper highlighted the fresh flavors of South America with a seductive menu comprised of Snapper Ceviche, Mushroom and Eggplant Empanada, Chile Relleno stuffed with grilled shrimp and heavenly Tres Leches Cake topped with fresh picked strawberries. Reservations for Supper Club are open to the public, but the Swoop House itself is tiny and only seats about 30 people. So if you want a shot at one of these specialty suppers, it’s best to make a reservation way in advance. You can also join the mailing list if you want to stay up to date on the latest events.

L’oca D’OroL’Oca d’Oro Dinner Series

Located in the popular Mueller district of east Austin, L’Oca d’Oro (“The Golden Goose” in Italian) is a modern Italian fine dining restaurant that focuses on family, sustainability and community. Every dish at L’Oca d’Oro is handmade with locally-sourced ingredients, with everything from handmade pastas, breads, vinegars and liqueurs on the menu. This contemporary Italian cafe blends old-world Italian recipes with fresh new iterations, and it’s a carb-lover’s dream, with lasagnas, frittatas, tortellinis and crostinis for days! You can also pick from a sumptuous selection of wines and craft cocktails to go with your meal, including the Burned Stone with Cobardes mezcal, torched orange, aleppo and honey and the Homer, Ozzy & The Straw with Highspire Rye, strawberry, sage. Along with a tempting happy hour, dinner and brunch menu, L’Oca D’Oro also hosts a phenomenal dinner series throughout the year. Each dinner series is a different celebration and offers something spectacular for everyone. The Passover Seder, hosted by Rabbis Neil Blumofe (Agudas Achim) and Rebecca Epstein (Beth Israel), was a totally authentic and kosher dinner that had everything from Matzoh soup and Karpas to lamb belly Koreich and Trout Rilettes. The Pasta Tasting Italian Menu Project series is Chef Fiore’s creative outlet for experimenting with his favorite food: Pasta! The Pasta Tasting menu featured housemade pasta dishes like Crescenza Tortelloni with burnt garlic broth and shaved radish, Spaghetti with meatball ragu and garlic toast and Pastrami Caramelle with horseradish broth and caraway. The dinner series menu is prix fixe and usually costs around $75/pp with optional drink pairings for an additional $20/pp.

Bistro VonishBistro Vonish Supper Club

Originally created as a monthly supper club in Austin, Bistro Vonish is an elevated vegan concept that went from a tiny trailer to a full blown restaurant with a lavish menu. The outside of this fine dining restaurant may be modest, but it belies one of the best kept vegan dining secrets in town! The chefs at Bistro Vonish have an unwavering dedication to cooking sustainable, locally sourced cuisine that guests can feel good about eating. Every dish at this eclectic eatery is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and locally sourced to showcase the delicious flavors of central Texas. On the menu you’ll find everything from vegan pizzas and BBQ Seitan to vegan Mac & Cheese and gluten free Mousseline Pie. Bistro Vonish caters to virtually every diet and food restriction, so even the pickiest of eaters can find something delicious here. Along with serving hungry veggie-vores throughout the week, Bistro Vonish also hosts a series of small prix-fixe dinners with five courses of locally-sourced vegan deliciousness. The Mushroom Mayhem monthly produce installment challenged the Bistro Vonish chefs to make something extraordinary out of a seemingly unassuming vegetable. And the Popcorn Punch Up at Possum Park partnered with The Great Y’all for different variations of everyone’s favorite salty movie theater snack. While many of the food events hosted by Bistro Vonish are free to attend, the special private prix fixe dinners are always ticketed with a limited amount of seats. So if you want to partake in their exclusive dinner parties, you’ll have to beat the crowd and book early.

Bread & Circus Supper ClubBread & Circus Supper Club

One of Austin’s most popular underground supper clubs, Bread & Circus has been captivating guests for over 7 years with their seasonal locally-sourced dinner and one-of-a-kind atmosphere. This monthly farm-to-table pop-up features a fantastically fresh menu that goes perfectly with the season. Most of these casual popup socials are hosted out of the Palm Door on Sabine St. and have a different theme and menu focus to engage guests and inspire conversation. The Yacht Club-inspired supper series featured a scrumptious five-course meal of Pecan Crusted Goat Cheese and Caprese, Crab Lou Reed Salad, Malabar Curry, Short Rib & Scallops and a Root Beer Budino Float with creme de cacao and toffee bits for dessert. And the romantic Bread and Circus Summer Soiree was an unforgettable evening that began with a casual cocktail hour and ended with a gut-busting gluten-free dinner by Pink Avocado Catering comprised of sweet and savory dishes like Berkshire Pork, Masa, Halibut, Malanga, Peaches Plum and Warm Quinoa and “Something like Cannoli.” While the location of each dinner stays the same, the decor, ambience and overall experience you get with each meal is completely different. So no matter how many Bread & Circus dinners you’ve attended, there’s always more surprises waiting for you at the next dinner! Tickets for these seasonal dinners can be purchased in advance on Ticketbud.

Foster ATX pic by Bailey Toksoz


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